Case Study

Limited Edition Print

Case Study reflects the elegance, simplicity and purposefulness of modernist Californian architecture. The collection draws inspiration from interiors, clean lines and wide windows overlooking the Californian landscape.

The limited edition Case Study print is designed in-house and printed using Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS) approved dyes which are free of hazardous elements such as nickel, lead, formaldehyde, amines, pesticides and heavy metals.

1. Case Study House 22 by Pierre Koenig, photo: Julius Shulman, 1960 © J. Paul Getty Trust
2. Pierre Koenig's Case Study House #21 © Pierre Koenig, CSH 21, 1958
3. Frank Top, Postcard Culottes
4. Duffield’s Lincoln-Mercury Showroom, photo: Julius Shulman, 1963 © Jürgen Paul Getty Trust
5. On The Horizon Dress, Cloudless Shirt
6. Mojave Desert, California
7. Sunday Jumpsuit

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