From Seed to Garment


Kowtow headed to India to document their entire cotton chain from seed to garment. The outcome is a short documentary filmed and edited by Boofa. Music titled ‘I’ve Seen It’ by Ryan Prebble.

1. The start of the cotton process begins with our farmers planting and tending to the organic cotton crop

2. Each of the many farmers in the cooperative own approximately 2 acres of land.

3. The cotton is delivered to the ginning mill in sacks with the details of the farm the cotton has come from written on the sacks.

4. Mill employees empty the sacks of cotton and return the sacks to the farmers for further use.

5. The cotton is then hand fed into the giant suction pipes that criss cross the complex and deliver it to the next stage.

6. The factory processes both organic and non-organic cotton. The organic fairtrade cotton is processed in a separate part of the factory.

7. The raw cotton is delivered to the Ginning machine which separates the cotton fibres (lint) from the cotton seed.

8. The cotton seed is then sent to the seed pile. Most of the seed is then used to manufacture cotton seed oil.

9. The cotton lint from the ginning machine goes through a cleaning process which removes foreign objects.

10. Then the team has a well deserved chai break and some food before lovingly processing some more cotton.

11. The cleaned cotton lint then gets sent to the climate controlled rooms.

12. These rooms keep the humidity levels exactly right to keep the cotton in top condition while it waits to get put into bails.

13. It then gets sent to this machine which makes big bails of compressed cotton for shipping all around India.

14. The bails are then put into a big room ready to get picked up for delivery.

15. Each bail is carefully labelled with all the relevant info.

16. It then gets transported to the Kowtow clothing factories.

17. The cotton then gets spun into twine of different weights and sizes for the various uses.

18. The yarn then gets knitted or woven into fabric lengths by this futuristic looking machine.

19. Each batch of fabric is quality checked before being moved on to production.

20. It then gets dyed and rechecked for colour consistency and stacked ready for cutting.

21. It then gets cut into the patterns ready to be sewn into our Kowtow garments.

22. After sewing and finishing each garment is checked and packed ready for shipment to NZ.

23. The boxes are delivered to Kowtow and are then sorted for shipment to stockists worldwide.

24. The boxes arrive at our stockists and our clothes are put on the shelves and racks.