Kowtow x Houston Design Co.

A Ceramic Collaboration

Kowtow introduces their first range of limited edition ceramics in collaboration with Houston Design Co.

The craft of turning raw clay into a functional object reflects the way Kowtow designs with organic cotton to produce a range of clothing that is both functional and beautiful.

Each ceramic piece is handmade by Holly Houston the founder of Houston Design Co.

The pieces are either hand rolled and formed or made on the wheel, none are cast or moulded therefore completely unique and one of a kind. All pieces are finished with a transparent glaze and retain an organic character and individuality that echo the Kowtow aesthetic.

The ceramics range comprises a platter , plate , jug , cup and bangle all hand painted in the Kowtow collection Dots print and stamped with the Kowtow x Houston mark.

Below is an interview with Gosia Piatek, Kowtow's creative director and Holly Houston, the ceramist behind Houston Design Co.

Holly in her Auckland studio

Kowtow Lacquer Dress

'The Studio' campaign shoot featuring Houston Design Co. ceramics

Muriwai beach

Houston x Kowtow Cups

How did the collaboration come about?
Gosia: Our collection this season is about a ceramic artists studio, this is where much of the inspiration for colour and prints has come from. So we decided we wanted to collaborate with a ceramic artist and in the same week we found Holly's work. What makes the collaboration so special is that Holly hand forms, throws and paints all the pieces individually and none are factory made.

Where does your inspiration come from?
Holly : All of my work is inspired pretty directly from nature. All of my shapes and forms are basically plagiarised from things I see on walks. The shape of my tumblers were originally inspired by a eucalyptus pod I found on the ground.

Wedging black sand in clay

Holly hand rolling a plate

From left : Platter, bangle, plate, cup

What appeals to you in ceramics?
Gosia: I especially love handmade ceramics, I love the irregularities, the shape and colour. I have a collection of white ceramics at home and love to pick up pieces on my travels.

How would you describe your studio?
Holly: Dysfunctional. I have huge dreams of what my perfect studio would be, but at the moment I'm in between spaces and just getting by in a tiny little space that you could hardly swing a cat in. Still, it's mine and it's quiet. I like to put on my podcasts and get lost in my work for as many hours as I can steal.

Trinket top

Houston x Kowtow Plates

Where did you first see Holly's work?
Gosia: I first saw Holly's work on Instagram. I asked her to make a bunch of pieces for our shoot and she completely exceeded my expectations and delivered 3 cases full of beautifully made individual pieces. After seeing each others products in person we decided to collaborate on a limited range for the 'The Studio' collection.

What attracted you to collaborating with Kowtow?
Holly: I had actually been looking on the Kowtow website on a daily basis for two weeks when Gosia emailed me, I was so excited! I feel so strongly about the choices we make as consumers and I'm so proud to be working alongside a brand that is so committed to making a change.

Trinket Top

Holly in her Auckland Studio

Houston x Kowtow ceramics range

Cups freshly stamped

Houston x Kowtow Jugs

Houston x Kowtow Platters

Ornament Dress

The complete ceramic range is available via www.kowtowclothing.com and Kowtow's retail space at The Department Store, Takapuna, Auckland.

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NOTE : The ceramics can only be supplied to New Zealand orders.