Wundaire Ceramics Collaboration

Wundaire is Felicity Donaldson, a Wellington based ceramic artist working with New Zealand clay and hand building techniques to produce organic and tactile pieces.

The collaboration features three terrazzo limited edition pieces, a platter, large bowl and smaller bowl, whose colours echo our latest collection Case Study, inspired by Californian landscape and mid-century architecture.

How did the relationship between you and Kowtow come about?
Gosia and I hit it off when we met at a gig about a decade ago (it was when Kowtow was just starting out). The ethos behind the organically sourced cotton t-shirts and ethical production really spoke to me. It's been cool to see it grow and be invited to collaborate.

Describe your technique and more specifically how you create the terrazzo pattern?
First, the clay for the main body of the piece is prepared. This is a hand-blended mix of white stoneware clay, recycled clay scraps and sand from East and West coast New Zealand beaches.
The coloured terrazzo inlay is also stoneware clay which has been left to dry out, then mixed with coloured stains, then soaked, and dried out again until it is a soft workable clay consistency. It's a bit of a process.
I work predominantly using hand-building techniques and these pieces are produced with soft slabs and slump moulds.

What do you love most about ceramics?
You can make literally anything! It's a very liberating feeling being able to manipulate both colour and form. I love that I am able to spend my days making nice things for nice people.

What or who are you inspired by?
My lady friends inspire me hugely! Badass business ladies with an abundance of talent, motivation and openness to share ideas and support each other. I love them all.

And lastly, what do you listen to when you're in the studio?
I listen to audible books and some great podcasts - Mortified is one of my favourites. It's adults reading from their childhood diaries and has me laughing out loud. If it's sunny then I play music loud. A bit of old and new R&B on the Spotify roulette.

Terrazzo Bowl

Terrazzo Platter

Terrazzo Large Bowl

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Note: The ceramics can only be supplied to New Zealand orders.